SEED – the digital dissemination solution

What is Seed?

SEED is a digital publication builder and dissemination service for research projects

With SEED you can organise any type of web content into a stunning and user-friendly digital brochure called a SEED.

  • Saves development time
  • Attractive selection of templates
  • Interactive functionality
  • Cost-effective dissemination to target audiences via the SEED Library
  • Easy to update people about your project
  • Multiple uses –  as a standalone brochure, presentation or integrate it in your website
Content Creation

SEED supports all types of web content

Insight’s specialist team are experienced at taking complex research information and turning it into exciting material that can be featured in your SEED brochure.

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Content Publishing

Choose from a range of flexible brochure templates

SEED brochure templates can feature all types of web content. Templates come with built in interactive functionality and social media integration to engage with people interested in your research project.

SEED offers a purpose built content management system (CMS) where content is uploaded to a SEED brochure template of your choice. From here it is published to the SEED Research Library which distributes your project developments to key target audiences. The SEED brochure is also available for your own use, for example on your website, as a presentation tool or distributed on a memory stick at events.

SEED Research Library

The SEED Research Library – a breakthrough in digital research dissemination

Every SEED digital brochure is hosted on the SEED Library and put in front of influencers and decision makers within European research and innovation.

Projects benefit from being placed next to other projects that are exploring similar or complimentary areas of research and innovation; this encourages collaboration between projects and opens up opportunities to share and communicate with similar audiences. Visit the SEED Library today.



SEED incorporates three services

1. Digital content creation service

All existing dissemination material is reviewed  by Insight’s editorial team. They are specialist science and technology journalists who are experienced at taking complex research information and turning it into material that is accessible to a project’s target audience. Insight offers a number of services to turn research project information into visually appealing digital content including; copy writing, video production, building flash presentations, creating interactive visuals and designing eye catching graphics and images.

2. Content publishing service

SEED offers a purpose built content management system (CMS) where all types of web content including; copy, graphics, video and flash presentations can be uploaded and then published into an easy- to-navigate digital brochure called a SEED. Projects can choose from a range of flexible brochure templates in which the content can be presented. Brochures come with in-built intereactive functionality and integration with social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Linkedn. This enables direct communication between research projects and their audiences.

The next development phase of Insight SEED will bring an opportunity for organisations who have set up and published their first SEED brochure to purchase additional SEED publishing licenses so that they can quickly and easily create and administer their own future SEEDs. This CMS has been designed so that an individual with no prior knowledge of digital publishing can administer the system.

3. Content delivery service – The SEED Library

What makes SEED a real break though in digital dissemination is The SEED Research Library. Once created, your research project SEED is published on this library. Via this library platform your SEED will be disseminated to your target audience and to important decision makers and influencers within research and innovation.

Interested library users can select to ‘follow’ your SEED.  This keeps them abreast of your research and innovation updates and developments. As a result you ensure that you are constantly building and interacting with a valuable list of current and future users, collaborators, partners and funders.

By featuring in the SEED Research Library projects benefit from being placed next to other research projects that are exploring similar or complimentary areas of research and innovation – i.e. the library puts research projects in context.

SEED Research Library Benefits:

  • Put your research project in the context of what’s going on in research and innovation across Europe
  • Build up a list of project ‘followers’ for future communication and collaboration
  • Reach a much wider and relevant online audience than ever before
  • Find collaboration, partner and funding opportunities
  • Take the opportunities to share knowledge and communicate with user groups and audiences of similar projects
  • Gather feedback and interact with other projects and users for future research and innovation success

The SEED Library is actively marketed by Insight to ensure an ever growing membership base to benefit each research project it features. Future plans include a SEED Library web application, iPhone and other mobile device applications.